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a.t. furuya’s expertise in LGBTQ+ inclusion has been featured in notable media outlets.

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Parents Publicly 'Out' Child as Transgender

Good Morning America: “Mom endures emotional fight after other parents publicly ‘out’ child as transgender”

New York Times: “The Human Experience is Infinite”

“We make all these labels to try to describe the human experience, but that’s kind of impossible because the human experience is infinite.”

New York Times: “Californian’s Will Soon Have Nonbinary Gender Option on Birth Certificate”

“Until now, people who wanted to obtain a nonbinary gender designation had to get a physician’s affidavit stating that they had undergone treatment for the purpose of gender transition…”

New York Times: “Male, Female or ‘X’: The Push for a Third Choice on Official Forms”

The Push for a Third Choice on Official Forms…

Teenvogue “Non-Binary Gender Option Now Offered on Official Documents in California”

“a.t. Furuya, one of the first people in the country to have their non-binary gender officially recognized on state documents, told the Times California’s move is a huge deal. It not only eliminates hurdles for non-binary people, a.t. says, but eliminates social barriers too…”

USA Today: “'We're going to fight': Trans people express outrage over anti-LGBTQ measures in Texas, Florida”

“Florida legislation that would restrict discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in schools reminds 21-year-old Sage Dolan-Sandrino of a transgender bathroom policy that caused her misery when she transitioned as a teen…”

Mashable: “Gender reveals are awful. (Trans)gender reveals are a different story.”

“But not all gender reveal blowouts are this normative. Over the past few years, a certain kind of gender reveal party has gone viral for a very good reason: They’re led by and for trans folks…”

Mashable: “Protests, pandemic have refocused advocates fighting for LGBTQ rights”

“it’s working to empower its student leaders to organize the kind of advocacy efforts at their schools that will ensure all students have a safe learning environment by expanding their focus on racial justice, according to a.t. Furuya…”
Mashable: “The Best Youtube Videos To Help You Come Out”
Mashable: “Snapchat’s ‘gender-swap’ filter exposes the internet’s casual transphobia”
Refinery29: “Mental Health Care Is Crucial For Trans People — So Why Is It So Hard To Find?”
The Smithsonian Magazine: “California Becomes First State to Introduce Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates”
The Economist: “The battle over trans athletes in American schools heats up”
Washington Post: “Follow their lead, and other ways parents can support their non-binary children”
EdWeek: “Teachers Are Divided on Teaching LGBTQ Topics”
Yahoo News: “Why online bullying of Lil Nas X is proof that LGBTQ kids need your support as much as ever”
NBC News: “Sexual assault, harassment, bullying: Trans students say they’re targeted at school”
USC Center For Health Journalism: “How California students from marginalized groups are working to stop bullying”

Authored by a.t. furuya:

National Association of Secondary School Principals: “Transforming Schools”
Future of Personal Health: “Join Me in the Fight to Protect Trans Kids”

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HBO Max: Transhood Culture Closeup
LogoTV: “The Nuances of Love and Equality”
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