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Photo of Dominic De Los Reyes, Dominic wears a dark button-up shirt with a white spotted pattern, smiles, and has short dark hair

Managing Director

Dominic De Los Reyes (He/They)

Dominic De Los Reyes (he, him, his / they, them, theirs) is a queer, nonbinary, mixed race organizer with ADHD living on unceded Kumeyaay territory (San Diego, CA). They have extensive experience in grassroots movement building, organizational development, and person-centered care.

His passion to support vulnerable and marginalized communities has led them to work in caring professions such as doula work, nannying, hemodialysis, and healthcare navigation. As the pandemic spread, they developed and led a Community Health Worker program providing accessible COVID-19 education and prevention resources for local NHPI and Asian American communities.

A firm believer in the right to informed decision making, Dominic has volunteered with movements for bodily autonomy, healthcare access, workers’ rights, and sovereignty for occupied nations such as the Philippines.

As an educator, Dominic has provided trainings on topics such as trans and nonbinary identities, medical self-advocacy, community organizing, and COVID-19.

Dominic has a BA in Business Administration with Human Resources and Marketing concentrations. They are constantly developing professionally and personally, driven by Transform Together’s mission to ensure safe and inclusive environments for all.